Having Trouble Buying a Home?

Having Trouble Buying a Home?

Seek representation for your real estate dispute

Buying or selling a property is an important decision that oftentimes involves large sums of money. This makes any kind of real estate dispute a serious matter. If you're involved in a dispute, you'll want to turn to the right attorney for representation. James Regan Attorney at Law can take on your case.

Attorney Regan will work hard on your behalf and help you navigate your dispute through mediation or arbitration. Discuss your situation with him today.

What is a real estate dispute?

A legal dispute over real estate can occur during a property transaction or between property owners. Just a few examples of these disputes include:

  • Breaches of contracts
  • Disputes over boundaries
  • Issues with real estate fraud

These kinds of disputes can also include title and insurance issues. With a wide range of potential issues covered in this area of law, you'll want to find an attorney with broad knowledge. Reach out to attorney Regan now for representation.