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If you're facing criminal charges, you're probably feeling overwhelmed. What does this mean for your future? Will you have to serve jail time?

A criminal defense lawyer can explain your charges, discuss possible outcomes with you and figure out a defense strategy. Residents in Palm City, FL turn to James Regan Attorney at Law when they need legal counsel. Attorney Regan will defend you aggressively in the courtroom.

Criminal Law

Trust attorney Regan to build you a solid criminal defense against any charge.

Family Law

Attorney Regan is prepared to resolve your disputes quickly. He can also help with the adoption process.

Immigration Law

If you need an immigration lawyer, turn to attorney Regan. He will guide you through the complicated immigration process.

Other Legal Disputes

Get personal injury lawsuits, business disputes and other legal concerns settled with attorney Regan's help.

Why you should choose attorney Regan

The lawyer you choose will ultimately affect the outcome of your case. That's why you need a lawyer you can count on. Attorney Regan is backed by over a decade of courtroom experience. He is the only attorney with a Juris Doctor, a Master of Laws in Intercultural Human Rights Law and felony trial experience as a prosecutor on the Treasure Coast. 

Attorney Regan considers himself a fighter for justice-he will go to bat for you in any legal situation. You can rest assured your case is in excellent hands with him.

Attorney Regan is ready to fight for you

Attorney Regan doesn't just handle criminal cases. He is well-versed in multiple practice areas, including...

He can also assist with civil disputes. Call 954-288-7000, 772-834-9375 OR 305-979-6300 now to get more information about attorney Regan's legal services. He has locations in Miami and Palm City, FL.